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Divine Frequency, founded  by Teresa Yanaros, focuses on inspirational perspectives and provides spiritual coaching to assist the co-creative consciousness in manifesting a positive future.

A regal wedding crest was designed for Meridia Clark and Stewart Childers, who are getting married in an English castle. Each symbolic component represents universal and personal meaning for the couple.

Context International delivers leading-edge programs that help increase individual and organizational success and accelerate performance.

Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet

ICASI was formed as a non-profit corporation by a group of leading global IT vendors to create a trusted forum to address international, multi-product security challenges.

Everything Good is a developer of healthy, natural and organic ready-to-drink and instant beverages.

These beverages are sweetened with agave and Stevia.

Bluefire Institute is a coaching, consulting and experiential services organization specializing in the design and implementation of personal and professional visions for lives, businesses and physical structures which incorporate the value of sustainability.

Big Bear Electric in Leadville, Colorado

This logo was designed for GroceryShark, an online coupon source... way back in the day, when the internet was fairly young.

Fabric and pattern designer, Sonja Lea wanted a logo with a Norwegian flair to reflect her heritage.

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